Hidden in Clear View (poem)


When I tucked my boy in bed at night
And passed his teddy bear
I closed the door and didn't even notice you were there .

You followed him to school each day,
Hanging at his sleeve.
You poked your bony finger in his back and  wouldn't 

You bullied him and frightened him
And wouldn't let him tell.
You wouldn't let him sleep at night
You made a living hell.

I can't  believe I shouted at him
When you made him late
And when you wouldn't let him eat the food upon his

What kind of mother doesn't know?
How could I be so blind?
You were his only friend
-The liar, poisoning his mind.

You lived amongst us silently for years before I knew
We saw your shadow once or twice 
Hidden in clear view

But now I know you're here, beware!
watch this! With my last breath
I will protect my son
And we will fight you 
to the death.

by Jane Drew

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