Alone together with OCD

I suspect that People living with OCD ,as well as their
loved ones, feel like they are the only ones going through
this. I know this to be true for me. Logic tells me that
other people must have ocd, but I have never knowingly met
any of them.  I suspect this is largely due to the stigma
attached to this 'mental illness'.
 It is not the kind of thing one brags about.

I cannot discuss my worries or problems with anyone else
who might remotely understand. How much more poignant
must this be for John? How alone must he feel? If no 
one understands the worries and everyday practical
problems of the parent of a child with OCD, how much
less does anyone know about what it is like to be 
that child?

 Since I realised that OCD was a part of our family I 
have researched it carefully . Know thine enemy. But
even now I acknowledge that I have no idea what is
going on in Johns head most of the time. I don't 
know why he has his compulsions, I don't always know
what he is doing and I don't know why or when they
will change and evolve.  I cannot truly comprehend  
what it is like to be him . I try to learn a little 
more each day but I can only imagine his torment.  

Another factor that isolates the OCD sufferer is
its uniqueness. No two sets of symptoms are exactly 
the same. One person might have obsession with
cleanliness, another might be an untidy person
obsessed with symmetry. One might constantly 
check doors are locked, another be condemned to 
complete meaningless and complex mental rituals, 
unseen by the observer. The family might not 
recognise what they have as OCD at first because 
it does not fit the stereotype of what society 
perceives it to be.

 How can he have OCD when his bookshelf is a mess?

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