The Daily Struggle


John is twenty now. The year before last his struggle with OCD caused him to miss time at college and subsequently drop out. Last year he re-sat and passed the first year of his two year course with distinction. He conquered his nemesis. This year so far so good. He is top of his class despite his handicap. The trick is not to give up. He has always wanted to be an architect. When I see how hard life is for him I really hope he can achieve his goals. He has confided in me that despite the many girlfriends, he doesn’t think he will be able to have a long term relationship, marriage, children. He sees a lonely future ahead.

The psychiatrist once told him that a little bit of the OCD can be utilised to his advantage. “If my parachute needed packing, you’d be the one to do it!” he said. Perhaps the perfectionist in him could be an asset to an architect. Some small consolation perhaps for a 24 hour disability.


One thought on “The Daily Struggle

  1. Your son has made so much progress and you should all be very proud. And he is so young! While he might envision a life of loneliness in the future, there is really no telling at this point what his future holds. My gut feeling tells me he has a wonderful life ahead of him 🙂 Wishing your family all the best!

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